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Our Mission:-

To facilitate physical, moral, social and academic development of children, enabling them to become conscientious & contributing human beings who will make world a better place..

Our Vision :-

Every Child is Educated with Quality Education, Love, Respect & Security. ______________________________________



Committee Member


Discipline Committee

Mr. K.C. Gunwant - (PGT)

Mrs. Lalita Arigam - (HM Pry.sec.)

Dr. Yogita Verma - (TGT)

Mr. Raj Kumar - (Warden)

Mr. Ashish Kaul - (PET)

Mr. Sudhir Kundu - (PET)

Mr. B.C. Upreti - (TET)

Cultural Committee

Ms. Lalita Arigam - (HM –Primary section)

Mrs. Indu Bhakt- (TGT -Music)

Mrs. Richa Mamgain - (TGT Music)

Dr. Yogita Verma - (TGT-Activity Co-odinator)

Mrs. Anantika Pandey - (TGT )

Mrs. Suman Rawat - (PRT )

Miss Kalpana Rawat - (PRT)

Sports Committee

Mr. Sudhir Kundu - (PET)

Mr. Ashish Kaul- (PET)

Mr. Gaurav Nayal - (PRT-Edu sports)

Mr. B.C. Upreti - (TGT)

Ms Poonam Som - (TGT)

Mr. Gaurav Nayal - (Sports Teacher Edu)


Environment Committee

Mrs. Meena Bhan

Ms. Lalita Joshi

Academic Committee

Ms. Madhur Saini

Mr. Bipin Upreti

Mr. Asalm Ansari

Mrs. Tara Bisht

Mrs. Hema Tewari

Mess Committee

Mr. Amit Joshi

Ms. Poonam Som

Mr. Ravi Joshi


Brain Storming Committee

Mrs. Meenakshi Singh - (PRT)

Mrs. Madhur Saini - (TGT)

Mr. Arvind Kumar - (TGT)

Mr. D.S. Bhandari - (TGT)

Mr. B.K. Pandey - (Accountant)

Examiation Committee 2017 -18

Mr. K.C. Gunwant - (I/C)

Ms. Lalita Arigam - (HM)

Mr. B.C. Upreti - (TGT)

Mr. Vivek Sharma - (Lab Asst.)

Mr. Kapil Kumar - (Lab Asst.)

Disaster Management Committee

Mrs. Meenakshi Bisht - (TGT)

Ms. Kavita Bohra - (PGT)

Mr. Purnima Gupta - (TGT)

Mr. Rakesh Adhikari - (PGT)

Mr. Sudhir Kundu - (PET)

Mr. Ashish Kaul - (PET)

Students - (Class XII)


Sexual Harassment Committee

Ms. Lalita Arigam - (HM)

Mrs. Madhur Saini - (TGT)

Mrs. Meenakshi Bisht - (TGT)

Mrs. Anantika Pandey - (TGT)

Mr. Umesh Joshi - (PGT)


Dr. Yogita Verma - (TGT)

Mr. D.S. Bhandari- (PGT)

Mr. Vinod Joshi - (Librarian)

Mr. Rakesh Adhikari - (PGT)

Ms. Richa Mamgain - (TGT)

School Canteen Monitoring Committee

Mr. Sudhir Kundu - (PGT)

Mr. Rakesh Adhikari- (PGT)

Mrs. Tara Bisht - (PGT)

Ms. Jaya Negi - (PGT)

Mr. R.K. Tewari - (TGT)


PA & Sound Committee

Mr. Devendra S. Bhandari - (TGT)

Mr.V.K. Sharma - (Lab Asstt.)

Mr. Kapil Kumar - (Lab Asstt.)

02 Students

Campus Cleanliness/ Beautification Committee

Mr. Bipin Seth - (PET)

Mr. Sudhir Kundu - (TGT)

Mr. Ashish Kaull - (PRT)

Mr. Gaurav Nayal - (PRT)

School Mess Monitoring Committee

Mr. Amit Joshi - (TGT)

Ms. Poonam Som- (TGT)

Master Amanpreet Singh - (Br. Student)

Master Naman Sanwal - (Br. Student)

Km. Radhika Gupta - (Br. Student)


The LITERARY / DIGITAL LIBRARY (HGS Techno Digital Library) Committee

Ms. Lalita Arigam - (H/M Primary)

Mr. Vinod Josh - (Librarian)

Mr. Surender - (PGT)

Mrs Namita Pandey - (TGT)

Ms. Jaya Negi - (PGT)

Mr. D.S. Bhanidari - (TGT)

Mr. Amit Joshi - (TGT)

Mrs. Meenakshi Singh - (PRT)

Mr. Rajesh Tiwari - (TGT)

Mr. Arvind Kumar - (TGT)