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To facilitate physical, moral, social and academic development of children, enabling them to become conscientious & contributing human beings who will make world a better place..

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Every Child is Educated with Quality Education, Love, Respect & Security.



Learning Assessment tests for new admissions

These test for students who seek admission to various classes will be held after the lockdown is lifted.


Miss. Srishti Rautela of X C was awarded with Corona Yodha Certificate by Jagirti Leela Memorial Foundation for her commendable work in the field of creating awareness among the people & distributing Masks to the needy. CONGRATS SRISHTI. STAY HOME STAY SAFE.

Hermann Gmeiner School Bhimtal, Congratulations

“The Management, Staff and Students Congratulate our Toppers of Class X”. 1. Manisha Rawat 95.00% 2. Vishakha Mehta 94.67% 3. Mohd Arman 94.50% Number of students appeared 111 Result-100% Pass


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Success Story

Success Story of Lt. Col. Shreem Kapil

I, Shreem Kapil was born and brought up in Bowali, a small town in Uttrakhand. I belonged to a middle-class family but my parents always encouraged me to do well in life. Initially, I studied in a Local school at Bowali and in 1996 I took admission to Hermann Gmeiner School, one of the most reputed Schools in Bhimtal. Hermann Gmeiner School has played a vital role in shaping my life. The school has always been providing the best personality development education to the students. The teachers helped me to enhance my personality. I think One's personality is equally important as it is being educated. Elevated personality never pushes you back, instead, it helps you to move forward and outshine in the crowd. But for having a good personality being educated is important. This is what Hermann Gmeiner school Bhimtal is doing. i.e Providing Quality Education and imbibing moral values. My school has played an important role in molding my life by facilitating all-round development. I cleared my CDS Exam in the year 2004 and joined the Indian Military Academy. After undergoing strenuous training at the academy, I Passed out as Lt. and joined Gorkha Rifles. one of the most coveted regiments of the Indian Army. I wish good luck to all the Students, Teachers, and Management of HGS, Bhimtal

Ms. Monika Yadav. Deputy Superintendent Of Police, UP

Ms. Monika Yadav.Deputy Superintendent Of Police, UP See how Hermann Gmeiner School has impacted her life and why she stays connected. In the story of one's life, how and where we end depends a great deal on how and where we begin. And since life can only be understood backward, it is such a happy feeling to look back at the old school days and be transported to what was (and still remains) a utopian world for all of us at the HGS. The life lived there, the experiences from the soil of that beautiful kingdom, and the learnings we had from the wonderful teachers who were such support even in the later life, has set an unbeatable standard to strive for in our lives, even today. We all go through our struggles, but the approach acquired towards life's challenges and the overall personality that is shaped up in the school days is hard to change in any academic and professional institution. The whole ambiance of that place is so positive and healthy. The relationships and the friendships forged there have stood the tests of time and have come out stronger after passing out from school. In fact I remember how my friends and teachers, just like my family, stood by me in my struggle phase and cheered for me whenever I accomplished any feat in my later academic and professional life. That was HGS ! After completing my schooling, I did my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from GB Pant University. Thereafter, worked in Mahindra & Mahindra Auto Sector as Assistant Manager and then in PNB as Assistant Manager before qualifying as Deputy Superintendent of Police in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In the services I am today, we go through innumerable and detailed interrogations. The whole life of a person ( victim, accused, family members etc ) is laid open in front of us. When we draw a chart of what leads to what, I so thank God for giving me such a healthy and happy childhood , such supportive parents, good schooling , great teachers and wonderful friends, so as to forge a positive and constructive outlook towards life. Though it was written in a different context, but, in free times, whenever I listen to or read "Gar Firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast" ( If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here..), I am invariably reminded of Bhimtal and HGS ! Pure Serenity to even think of the school days ! Deep Regards to the entire HGS family, Monika Yadav Deputy Superintendent of Police Uttar Pradesh

Mr. Bikram Singh Jantwal

Education: M.A.(Economics), PGDCA, MBA ( Finance) Designation: Finance Controller, Transport Department, Uttarakhand Government. Selected through the first batch of Uttarakhand PCS. Student of HGS Bhimtal from 1988 to 1995. The serene environment and the friendly learning atmosphere at HGS Bhimtal always motivated me for doing something meaningful in my life. I feel thankful to all my teachers, the staff of HGS, and fellow students for making the time spent at HGS a lifelong memory to be cherished.

Dr. Ankita Yadav, Food Safety Officer

Dr. Ankita Yadav, Food Safety Officer, Food Safety and Drug Administration, Uttar Pradesh. HGS BATCH-2005 No wonder, if, Bhimtal is a paradise on earth, HGS its heavenly kingdom, and the teachers are its deity. I am blessed by the guidance of teachers which was a stepping stone of success for me. The education and the support offered is a feather on the cap. Although I have completed my Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, from Pantnagar the best learning of my life is in the HGS which laid the foundation for my career. I wish all the happiness and success of students of HGS.

COL. KAMLESH BISHT ( Batch 1993)

COL. KAMLESH BISHT ( Batch 1993) It gives me immense pride and with a sense of heartfelt gratitude for my Alma Mater today I try to recollect those precious moments and try to Jot down the same. If someone asks me today, to quantify the small little achievements in my journey of life so far, Indeed fifty percent share will go to HGS, needless to say, the remaining is unquantifiable but certainly, I will dedicate it to the Almighty God, my parents, and of course the blessings of my well-wishers. My Journey In HGS, Bhimtal started from an interesting interview for admission which was taken by Dr. Rangpal, the principal at that time. My humble background and comparatively high fee for a lower-middle-class family was the barrier between Me and my dream of studying in a CBSE board school. The year 1988 when HGS was trying to establish a foothold, Dr. Rangpal announced the scholarship scheme for localities who otherwise were deserving.I was one of the candidates who tried his luck and went for the interview. The interviewing Old man, Dr. Rangpal, bearing a graceful and mesmerizing personality had the ability to X-ray anyone. The 45 mins or so, the interview was going on well till the time a bouncer was thrown at me when he asked " What do you want to do in the future?" I had no ready-made answer for it, A boy from a village who is not sure of tomorrow at that time never used to dare of a dream far off !!!!! However, the reply came out instantaneously which was probably in my subconscious mind and I immediately answered " A soldier or a Farmer " Probably he also never expected it this as an answer, to clarify his doubt he further asked what will decide if you have to become a soldier or a farmer ?. "If I get a chance of better education of HGS I would have a chance to become an army officer else the land in hill automatically qualifies me to pursue hill farming even in the future " was my answer. Further, I added the decision by The principal is actually the deciding factor surely He was indeed impressed with my answer, and right away he offered me a free Boarding facility inclusive of a fully subsidized fee. In HGS So, Here started the Journey In HGS. At that time we were the pioneers of HGS. I find myself lucky enough to have been taught by legendary N Singh sir, Bhanu Pratap and many more fascinating teachers. Finally, I passed out of HGS in the year 1993 after my senior secondary exams After eleven years of the date of interview, My Interviewer's decision proved right when in the year 1998 I became the first officer from HGS who studied from class 8th onwards to get selected and finally commissioned in Indian Army in 1999. The commissioning year saw the Kargil war and I was directly inducted in the battle zone. Which I feel really proud of to date. Later the foundation laid at HGS and by God's grace I qualified for IIT Delhi from Army and did M tech in electrical engineering. Till that time no other student of HGS was so lucky of having a PG degree from IIT. In a nutshell, what I am today, what I achieved is all due to my Alma matter. I feel proud when I see HGS guys doing good.HGS earning the name. There had been many ups and downs in the history of HGS as well. I have been actively interacting and in various forums voicing my opinion for the wonderful school. It is so satisfying to see the flag of HGS fluttering High today. So many students have made the school proud by their success stories. .and the most satisfying thing is to see it again in the safe hands of KD sir as principal. Long live HGS With profound regards COL Kamlesh Bisht


MITHLESH JOSHI LIEUTENANT COLONEL- INDIAN ARMY BATCH 1994-2000 I am currently serving the Indian Army as Lieutenant Colonel since 2004. I must say H.G School Bhimtal is one of the best and prestigious institutions in the country. The Education and the Moral Values imparted by the School has been a Major Stepping Stone in my life and success story. a Major Stepping Stone in my life and success story. I sincerely Thank my ALMA MATTER for providing me a platform of Academic Excellence besides all-round development. THANK YOU HGS BHIMTAL

Cdr Amit Joshi, An Alumnus

Cdr Amit Joshi, An Alumnus.of HGS,Bhimtal Passed 12th standard in 2002. , Role of A School- HGSchool has been my Alma matter and is quite close to my heart. School is one of the best that provides quality Education. The first person I remember when I go down the memory lane is Mr. KD Singh Sir, then-House Warden. Sir is the epitome of discipline and character and is the sole reason for my selection in the Armed Forces. I feel lucky enough to have met Mr. Jagan Nath Kaul, former President SOSCV India, who added a unique Charisma to the overall Splendor. Above all the school's structured training and mission to facilitate physical, moral, social, and academic development enabled me to join the Indian Navy and to serve the Nation with pride. I wish the Best of Luck to all the students studying there and thank teachers for their continuous efforts and support.

Arun Kumar Serving Indian Army

Arun Kumar Batch 1997 – 2000 Serving Indian Army I am presently a Lt Col and have been serving in the Indian army since 2007 after my initial military training at IMA Dehradun. Today when I look back at the 4 years I spent at HGS Bhimtal, I find myself fortunate enough to have studied in such an environment. I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by teachers and fellow students from whom I learned a lot. At HGS, Bhimtal has been a great contributor in making me what I am. By attending HGS Bhimtal you not only join a school but a family.


HERMANN GMEINER SCHOOL, BHIMTAL..residing atop a hill, with the bhimtal lake beneath...Switzerland could not be more breathtaking..was my 1st and everlasting impression I had when I landed up on 13th July late night 2 decades ago...I imagine what I would have become, had I not been to this awesome place...from a simpleton, coming from more than 3000kms, not even knowing how to complete even a single sentence of HINDI... HGS with all my dear respected teachers, Friends. Gave me the confidence n Love and made me NEHRU house Captain & the School magazine Editor. It gave a new dimension to my personality ..somehow landing me at TRICHUR, KERALA, and AIIMS, NEW DELHI.. for my Medical studies. .KD sir, now esteemed principal.. the epitome of punctuality. Still ringing in my ears, his early morning wake up call at our hostel window UTTHO BACCHE. .. still now Making sure I visit HGS every year whenever I am in Delhi. Thanks, HGS for molding me into the human I am now. For my ever caring friends and teachers. I owe you a lot. .I AM JUST A TEARDROP IN THE VAST OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE. Thanks and Love u all.". Dr KONTHOUJAM SHAPHABA MCh HEAD AND NECK SURGERY AND ONCOLOGY, AIIMS NEW DELHI.

"Congratulations and Best Wishes to Manoj Jha"

"Where there is a will there is a way" "Congratulations and Best Wishes to Manoj Jha" Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to getting it. Hard work and dedication have a destination which is a success. We are glad to announce that Mr. Manoj Jha has been selected as Commercial Taxation Officer {CTO} in UP Government via UPPCS -2018. Warmest Congratulations on your Achievement Manoj. You have made us all Proud. You deserve it every bit. .A great success story of Manoj Jha is the only proof that he has given his dream his very best.” “ The School loves to see its students move up on the ladder of success because every success story reassures that possibilities in life are still endless.

Success Story of Lt. Col. Hemant Kumar Belwal

Edn qualification - BSc ( PCM), Military courses done during my service Rank - Lieutenant Colonel Success Story of Lt. Col. Hemant Kumar Belwal As I recall my memories, we were about to pass out from Mt Alvern School (class V) & there was no other school to continue with, having the same matching mobility. As luck would have it, " Hermann Gmiener School" took the onus of shaping the young minds. Rastogi Ma'am & Pawar Ma'am started the school with classes in the palace & at their residence. Gradually, the pace picked up & the school started evolving with things catching up very fast. Many memories of our golden past have been etched in our minds . It gives me immense pleasure to recall the same. Graced with the onerous responsibility of the FIRST BATCH I am are indebted to our mentors, faculty & complete staff of Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal for guiding us & shaping our future.. The Time and the Efforts Put in by Hermann Gmeiner School , Bhimtal Team is praiseworthy. Students were and are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities . The Students are provided with experiences that can lead to personal and professional growth. Hermann Gmeiner School is the Best School in Bhimtal. UK. Wishing GOOD LUCK to all the students (nation builders), gratitude to our beloved Principal, Teachers, Faculty & complete staff.

Success Story of Meenakshi Kandpal , Labour Officer Dist. Nainital

Success Story of Meenakshi Kandpal , Labour Officer Dist. Nainital Namaskar. I’m Meenakshi Kandpal, HGS Bhimtal batch 1993-2000. Hailing from a very humble background, I’m blessed to have parents who took enough pain to let me study in one of the most prominent schools of this region. Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal I owe to my respected teachers and the school whatever I am today. This School taught me discipline, values and humility together with an insight into the wide world spread in front of us. While I’m penning this I don’t feel worthy enough to having appeared on this platform, but I’m highly elated and proud to share that Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal has a great impact in my life and has made me a better human being. Presently I’m working as the Labour Officer District Nainital, Department of Labour, Uttarakhand. Working for the very marginal strata of society, my humble upbringing and principles instilled through education and learning help me to fight for their rights and bring a change in the lives of workmen and children. Motto of HGS :Yogah Karmashu Kaushalam & ‘Howwhere you go but Upwards’ inspire me to always walk straight, confident and with all dignity in my path of Karma. It’s quite obvious that everyone of us remembers school days as best days of our lives. And whenever I’m asked to share my part, time takes me to the amphitheater assembly where welcoming good old Gethi tree stood tall, to the hustling corridors, to the different classroom ambience, to the library where I started reading novels and literature, to the most loved mini hockey field, to the sprawling ground where n number of races were run, PT drills of Saturday’s, Annual Days & School Day celebrations. To the shows organised where eminent personalities to the likes of Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma performing on his Santoor, Sri Raja & Radha Reddy marvelling us with Kutchipudi, Shubha Mudgal ji and so on.....amazing and inspiring us. Quiz, Debates, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Badminton.....whoa..a long list of things done and kept us engaged and in the meantime aimed at overall personality development. Reminiscing Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal is nostalgic, I hope all you batchmates out there share the same feelings too! No matter wherever we go and whatever we become, this institution remains in our hearts forever. With deepest gratitude and all my heart, I wish family HGS great luck ahead; How Where You Go But Upwards!!


SUCCESS STORY OF RUPESH C PAWAR Education Qualification: BBA, BA Eco. Stats. Hons, MCM, PGDBM, MBS. (Canadian School of Mgmt.- Institute of Graduate Studies & Pune University) 20+ years of Experience in Telecommunication Domain, ISP, Digital Platform, Marketing Research. Customer Services. Service: Currently “Heading JioFiber Care- Service Delivery for Maharashtra &Goa”. Reliance Jio. Worked with Telenor, TATA DoCoMo, Bharti Airtel, Cadila Pharmaceuticals. Awarded by: Sir Jon Fredrik Baksaas (CEO Telenor), Shri Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairperson Bharti Airtel). Represented India as Junior Ambassador in Asian Pacific Children’s convention in Fukuoka Japan 1989-90 SUCCESS STORY OF RUPESH C PAWAR .Its an honour to acknowledge the contributions made by My school to make me a good human being and the best professional. I am indebted and thank you with gratitude and appreciate the efforts taken by the school relentlessly for the upliftment of students. I was born in Military Hospital Bhopal, crawled in cantonment’s disciplined environment full of olive colours infusing bravery, courage motivation and sacrifice. Its well said Life is not simple and straight as highways, if you strive to be highlander, you must follow the difficult curves in life. I am fortunate enough and blessed under the umbrella care of SOS children’s villages- SOS Kinderdorf International, full of care, love, dreams and opportunities to strive the best out of you and eliminate the melancholy from your heart. The journey started from St Anthony School, Camp Pune to Delhi, Japan (Fukuoka) and then further HGS Bhimtal. Nainital. I made the best of the pals-friends in this notorious journey full of memories to treasure from 1989, I am from the initial batches to see our well-off seniors carving and moulding us to perfection. HGS teachers, staff engraved all good habits and carved the best out of us. We were like mud being moulded, shaped, carved to the best we can’t think off when we turn our pages back. The environment moulded me from a small introvert boy to a gentleman. When I look back, I first see myself as a good human being and then a professional. I was lucky enough to be the captain of our Sub Junior Football team when HGS debuted the SBI CUP- at Nainital and lucky enough to Farwell HGS as the captain of Senior team, That’s the role our teachers played in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Whether it was 5 am alarm, cross country, tracking down or up the trails or Sunday outings we enjoyed every moment to cherish it through our life. We enjoyed the 10 months spend together every year in the boarding school, disheartened to separate and eager, excited to meet again post vacations. We were blessed with the best educators from across the society, our honourable teachers, professors who have carved us well and imbibed the best knowledge. We had the most experienced faculty in the town, full of variety, in-depth knowledge and expertise in their domain. We had the best of the crowd in our school from across the country and abroad. Our campus is the best example of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” with full of multicultural, multi-linguistic students from across the country and few from abroad. We have made the best of pals from Bengal, Assam to Gujarat, Rajasthan and from Kerala to Kashmir. The best thing that happens to school is its association with SPIC MACAY, which made us explore the world of music and cultural flora. We had end number of educational tours which embed us with love for travelling, learning and exploring new places. We had the aura of activities on our campus with the epitome of teachers who are best in the Domains, subjects. I am thankful to all the teachers who have carved the best out of me and moulded many students to what they are today. I appreciate all the efforts taken, time is given and the spirit involved in contributing to this noble cause. I am indebted, thank you with gratitude and appreciate the efforts taken relentlessly for the upliftment of students. I wish HGS family all the best for the future endeavours, I am sure and confident with the esteem aura of our honourable Teachers, Professors, Staff and Principal Sh. K.D.Singh Sir HGS will continue to nurture the best talent for society, country and world to contribute their best in pursuit of excellence. Today I can proudly say “Those were the best days of my Life”. Way to go. I am nested in the Oxford of East, Pune. Maharashtra the sprawling IT Hub of India

Lt Col Rizwan R Khan

MY JOURNEY TO MY GOAL JAI HIND, I Lt Col Rizwan R Khan was born in a humble middle class family on 11 Sep 1972. I did my early schooling from Bishop Shaw School in Nainital. As this school at that time was only till class seven my father decided to enrol me and my younger brother Sultan to a new and bright upcoming school with great reputation in the quiet and serene Bhimtal. On joining The Hermann Gmeiner School we found that the school truly was as per the reputation. As the school was new the student to teacher ratio was very good and the teachers really worked hard for guiding the students. This was a turning point for me as well as my brother. I specially found myself to be privileged to be part of the first batch of students to pass the class 10 and class 12 board exams. In 1993 I joined The DSB College, Nainital to graduate with Physics, Mathematics and Geology in 1995. While in B. Sc. final year I appeared in the written exam for CDS and qualified, I went for the SSB interview at Allahabad while the college exams were on and succeeded in the first chance. It was really a moment to triumph. It was a result of grooming and guidance by the teachers. I joined for the training as a Gentleman Cadet at IMA Dehradun in Jan 1997. The training was really an eye opener as it instilled strict discipline, punctuality, physical fitness and military training as part of transformation of a civilian to a soldier. I completed the 18 months training in Jun 1997 and got commissioned into Fifth Battalion The Garhwal Rifles, one of the elite battalion of the Garhwal Rifles. This was my new home with a new family and comrades, where true soldiering was to be learnt and whatever was acquired so far was now to be practiced and perfected as part of 'on the job training'. The service saw me travel far and wide excitement was never low, I served in all types of terrains and climates. Like most army men, I too spent most of the time in Kashmir valley, Assam, Laddakh and Rajasthan along with a few tenures at other locations in peace stations. A chosen few only get this opportunity to serve your Motherland. I am thankful to the Army to have given me a chance to see and experience and serve our great Country. I saw a foreign tenure too in Democratic Republic Of Congo as part of United Nations contingent. All this would not have been possible had the initial grooming and building up of the bent of mind not been correctly done by our mentors. We as students will always remain greatful to the Principal, teachers and staff of the school for correcting us at the right moment and guiding us to our present glory. Wishing all the best and all the success. to the students, the present torch bearers and the future of India. JAI HIND Lt Col Rizwan R Khan Fifth Battalion The Garhwal Rifles Alma Mater - Hermann Gmeiner School Alumnus- IMA Dehradun Regiment-The Garhwal Rifles Married to - Mrs Yasmin Khan Daughter - Atika Khan ( Class 8 )

MY JOURNEY TO MY GOAL :- Maj Piyush Tilara The Corps Of Signals

MY JOURNEY TO MY GOAL 1. JAI HIND! I was born in a middle-class family on 01 June 1983. 2. I did my schooling at Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal. The school helped me in the development of my entire personality. Starting with the basic skills, physical development and finally inculcating the cohesiveness and the spirit of comradeship. The teachers in the school had really worked hard in creating a soothing ambiance for the development of skills. The school had facilitated the students with all the amenities required for overall development. This was great exposure for me as I got the privilege to be a part of such a school. I did my 12th in the Year 2000. 3. In the Year 2000, I joined DSB College, Nainital in B. Sc with Physics, Mathematics, and Information Technology as subjects. I graduated in the Year 2003. In the Year 2003, I joined MCA in GEIT, Dehradun, and did my MCA in 2006. While pursuing my studies I appeared for the CDS exam, and received a call letter for an SSB interview, and was able to pave my way to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. I joined IMA in Jul 2006. 4. The training in IMA instilled me with basic military skills, strict discipline, and physical fitness. I completed the 18 months of training and got commissioned into “The Corps Of Signals”. I learned about the different technologies being used in the Indian Army for communication and the ability to integrate networks at long distances. No matter whatever be the conditions, whatever be the terrain, you have to be connected. 5. I did my BTech in Communication and Information Technology from the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering in 2012. The Army gave me the opportunity to visit different places, to implement my ideas practically. I am thankful to the Army for providing me such a wonderful and adventurous career. 6. All this would not have been possible if the initial grooming and guidance by our mentors had been correctly done. I was a student will always remain grateful to the Principal, teachers, and staff of the school for correcting me at the right moment and guiding me to my present destination. 7. Wishing the school to achieve greater heights and guide students to achieve their goals. JAI HIND Maj Piyush Tilara The Corps Of Signals Alma Mater – Hermann Gmeiner School Alumnus – IMA Dehradun Married To – Maj Neha Bankoti Daughter – Dravida Tilara & Evaani Tilara

Mr.Ritesh Padhalni (Batch of 1997) Senior General Manager – Marketing Network18

Though it was more than a quarter-century ago, but I clearly remember the day I joined Hermann Gmeiner School in class X. There were a lot of apprehensions surmounted by the uncertainty of joining a new school in a Board examination class. Further, the academic year was marred by agitations for a separate Uttarakhand state. But here I was and what I experienced in next 3 years as an exemplary institution with high standard academic practices, so rare in that century and in that part of the world, aimed at all-round development and immaculate grooming of its students. Soon after joining the school, I was picked by KD Sir for a key role in a Hindi play for the school’s annual function. The incident taught me that everyone shall get a fair chance irrespective of whether they are new to an environment. Another lesson that I learned during this time was to stand for one’s own. I, unfortunately, got Chicken Pox as the rehearsals were going on. And the school assigned a special vehicle to ferry me to Bhimtal from my home at Bhowali and then back after the sessions. One can surely read/ watch about such values but it is only through the first-hand experience that you imbibe these. The school left no stone unturned in conducting special sessions for Board Exam classes during the long bandh & chakka jams as part of the separate state agitation. It was ensured that no student suffers in this critical phase of their academic life because of the incomplete syllabus. Our Principal at the time – Matto Sir and all the teachers worked really hard to ascertain that the school also gets known for extra-curricular activities along with the academics. From the football tournament at Nainital to enumerable inter-school debates & declamation competitions, there was hardly any event happening in the region that did not see us participating and winning laurels. When I look back at those years, I realize that all the teachers, lab staff, admin team did teach us something or the other that comes in handy in sailing through life now. And to the current crop in the school, I can assure you, that you are in one of the safest and most artisan hands of KD Sir. All of you have a bright future ahead. I have seen so many posts from defence personals here. I too was selected for National Defence Academy (NDA) and underwent training there for a year but, as fate will have it, was boarded out because of an injury. However, during that tough phase, the never-say-die spirit instilled by the school helped me come out of it and build an alternative career somewhere else. Today I have more than 17 years of experience working with some of the top media brands of the country – Hindustan Times, Radio City, The Indian Express, and Network18. I am currently responsible for the brand marketing of Hindi News Cluster of Network18. The school taught – it is not over, till it is all over – and today my comeback from that painful phase is attributed to the mental & emotional strength that I gained here. I can proudly say today that it was perhaps one of the best decisions of my life to get enrolled at HGS. I have learned so much here and have so many fond memories of the school, teachers, classmates, seniors and juniors alike that if I sit to write it all, I would end up authoring a memoir – an assured bestseller. And I am sure that each one of us, HGS alumni, share the same thought. Thanks to the alma mater & best wishes to each one of us

Lt CDR Chandan Singh Bisht

Lt Cdr Chandan Singh Bisht Batch 2004 ‘Those who try never fail, they either succeed or learn’ Dear Sir, I feel greatly honoured that you consider my story worth telling to the new generation. It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my thoughts about my Alma mater where I have spent full 12 years of my life. I belong to a modest middle-class family; my dreams however were never close to modest. As a student, physically I was probably one of the shortest, leanest boys of my class. But I never allowed my physical limitations to hold the best of me. I participated in almost all the extracurricular activities that the school offered. Starting from sports, debates, quizzes, singing, essay writing, NCC, dramatics. I could do all of that because my teachers had faith in me. Their encouragement was the elixir that kept me motivated to give my best all the time. After passing out from the school, I joined the prestigious National Defence Academy. The exposure to various sports and extracurricular in school helped me to compete with the best of the best and pass out with flying colours. Thereafter, I got commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2009 and joined the elite cadre ‘Submarine Arm’. I have had the honour to serve in various ships and submarines in different capacities. Presently I am part of the commissioning crew of the latest submarine of the Indian Navy ‘Karanj’ which is going to be commissioned into the Indian Navy on 10 Mar 21. Whatever I am today or whatever I achieve in future will undoubtedly be because of the strong values that I had derived from the school and teachers. It is a debt that I can never repay. I am sure that this school will produce many more achievers in different spheres of light under your able guidance. Sir, thank you very much for emboldening me. I am and will always be a proud alumnus of this great institution. Warm Regards, Lt Cdr Chandan Singh Bisht